2011 – A Good Year

This has been a great year for photography.  Trips to Tanzania – whoo hoo – and Yellowstone/Tetons and the CA Coast.  I’ve seen some wonderful sights and wild things.  This is a collection of some of my very favorites.

Playing in the pool

Hippos!  They were near the top of the list of things I wanted to see in Tanzania.  Watching nature and wildlife programs has been an impetus for planning my travels, inspiration from ??TV??

One of my wishes was to see hippos with their mouths open.  Just one would have been satisfying, but a whole group – WOW!  These hippos put on quite a show, measuring and chasing one another.  I think they were practicing for later battles in life (over sex, of course).

Fortunately, we were at the pool by 7am, before the sun came out and warmed up the cesspool that hippos live in.  I can’t imagine standing there for long in the heat of the day; the smell would make you faint!